Fraternity Hazing

Hazing is any action taken or any situation created intentionally that causes embarrassment, harassment or ridicule and risks emotional and/or physical harm to members of a group or team, whether new or not, and even if the individual was a willing participant.  Some definitions of hazing vary but all have common factors:  Power differential between those in a group and those who want to join a group, or between senior and junior members of a group, intentional initiation rite, practice or ‘tradition’ involved, willingness to participate does not absolve responsibility for either party.  


Below are just some examples of hazing practices that occur:
  • Forced or coerced consumption of alcohol
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Requirement to endure hardships such as staying awake, menial tasks, physical labor, running while blindfolded
  • Humiliation of new or potential members
  • Isolation of new or potential members
  • Beatings, paddling, or other physical acts against new or potential members

The practices that take place in both fraternities and sororities, as well as athletic teams and other organizations, have left their victims either dead or emotionally and physically damaged for life including suffering from depression, physical injuries and posttraumatic stress disorder as a result of their abuse.  The Spellman Law Firm has years of experience fighting for the rights of victims of hazing. We know the nuances of these cases as well as the battle of fighting the national fraternities and college institutions.  We will fight vigorously for you. If you have been the victim of a fraternity or hazing related death or personal injury, contact us today.